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From The Kitchen

Introducing From The Kitchen

Beretta Farms is proud to announce the launch of From the Kitchen, offering balanced, real food meals made from scratch to help people embrace healthy eating as a lifestyle. Our support of local farming, commitment to organic and all natural ingredients and providing our clients with the highest quality foods, along with a great experience, is the foundation to our catering, meals-to-go and cooking class services.

From the Kitchen will work with you to customize meals to your every need; a busy family rushing from one commitment to the next, a weekend warrior eager to be energized for their sport of choice, a bride planning her dream weedding, an elite athlete fine tuning their body for competition. Regardless of your request, we’ll ensure a delicious and good-for-you meal.

To find out more about the services offered by From the Kitchen including booking your next event at Beretta Farm in King City, please click on the above links.


Need some food for thought? From organic chicken to grass fed beef, discover our list of healthy and tasty, naturally raised meat selections.


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