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Beretta’s Only Grass Fed Beef
vs Natural or Organic Beef

The beef presently sold under the Beretta Family Farms label is listed as one of three categories: Natural, Organic, or Grass Fed. Natural and Organic beef are made with a combination of grass and grain. The quality of the grain determines the category of the beef. The difference between Natural and Organic beef is that our Organic beef is labeled as Certified Organic, whereas our Natural beef is not.

The main distinction between Organic beef, Natural beef and “Grass Only” beef is the fact that “Grass Only” beef has never been fed grain during its entire life, even during the final 2-3 month period prior to slaughter. Our “Grass Only” beef tends to be leaner and smaller sized than its grain-fed counterparts.

Our cattle remain outdoors year-round but are protected from the elements by sheds during the winter months. During this time, they eat stored hay which consists of nothing more than grasses and legumes that were harvested and baled during the summer. This method is in accordance with the standards of Grass Fed Associations around the world.

Check out Mike Beretta on the cover of the current issue of "Better Farming" magazine! The article focuses on Beretta’s Grass Fed program at our King City Ranch and discusses the main challenges and issues with this style of farming.

The article highlights the importance of Grass Fed farming for both the consumer and the environment. In the article, our overall goal is not simply to raise awareness, but to push for more government regulations and national standards for Grass Fed products and to differentiate those committed to the fine craft of raising their cattle on grass exclusively and all the joys and challenges it can bring.

Check out Mike at the House of Commons to represent Beretta Family Farms in a session with the Standing Committee on Agriculture and Agri-Food!


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