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At Beretta Family Farms, we pride ourselves on raising our animals much like we raise our own family – with care, compassion and commitment. Fully sustainable and certified organic, our farm embodies the traits that set Beretta apart inthe cultivation industry. Offering a lifestyle that is pure and evolutionary, we are committed to breeding our animals with substance. Half of our 800 acres are used for grazing purposes, meaning our animals are free to roam and stay refreshed.Our animals are allowed to grow slowly and naturally, reducing stress and improving the flavour of the meat.

We allow our animals spread their own manure, which is vital in maintaining the fertility of the land, particularly on an organic farm, where chemical fertilizers are not permitted. Our Angus beef cattle herd is out on pasture year round. The cows all calve in May and June out on pasture in a natural setting and this eliminates many of the health hazards associated with herds confined in small areas. The cattle are never vaccinated or shocked with electrical prods,and receive no growth hormones or antibiotics typically associated with factory farms.

Another animal that resides on our farm and fields is the bull. Fernando, the family pet and one of our oldest animals, was born the same year as the Beretta’s eldest son. As Thomas Beretta’s first playmate, Fernando naturally gravitated to a role as shepherd of the herd, reducing stress and keeping the animals calm.

Our Yorkshire pigs are raised very differently than those in the big factory-farm operations of today. They are not confined to slatted concrete floors in a controlled environment to maximize growth; rather, they are raised with only the highest regard to their welfare. In the summer months they have access to pasture where they root to their hearts’ content. Those of you who have seen our Yorkshire pigs on pasture know what we mean when we say they are hilarious to watch as they dig their snouts tirelessly into the soil. Even during the winter months, they are kept in large pens with plenty of straw for bedding. Young pigs do not have their tails and teeth cut as is the industry norm.

The broiler chickens, laying hens, lambs and turkeys are all raised in much the same way as our cattle and pigs – with dignity and respect for the nourishment they provide our customers and us at the farm. We also raise all of our animals on certified organic grain feed, free of GMO’s and any animal by-product. You’ll appreciate the difference in the meat compared to the bland grocery store poultry. Fresh air, sunlight, grass and bugs keep the birds both contented and healthy.

In order to bring you a full range of organic meat and a reliable supply, and to protect certain species of livestock from predators around our farm, we have other organic farmers in Ontario raise some animals for us.

While not all of Beretta Family Farms meat is raised on our farm, the local organic farmers who raise animals for us and whom we help to support are required to meet the same stringent organic production standards as on our own farm, including humane animal rearing practices. In purchasing meat from Beretta Family Farms, we hope that you will be proud that you are helping to support Ontario organic farmers such as ourselves.


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