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Fall, 1992 Mike Beretta finishes his studies at Guelph University, graduating with an Agricultural degree.
January, 1993 Mike and Cynthia purchase their first farm in Wingham, Ontario.
June, 1993 The newlyweds, Mike and Cynthia Beretta, spend their first year as a couple learning the ropes of farm life, experiencing everything the rural and rustic terrain has to offer.
Summer, 1993 Mike Beretta works at a local dairy where he delivers milk to friends and family and also to his own farm (for his hungry and growing pigs).
June, 1993 The Berettas begin to extend their farm family line. First with Mona, a breeding pig, and then by adding 20 more pigs and chickens to the mix.
October, 1995 The Beretta's barn burns down causing them to lose their entire livestock
April, 1996 On April 27th, with the guidance and support of the local Mennonite community, the Beretta’s rebuild their barn in one day. On the very same day Mike Beretta turns 27 – truly a day of celebration. Click to watch video
April, 1996 Working with the local Mennonite community to establish the farm’s barn raising techniques, the Berettas begin what turns into a lifelong relationship with the resilient community.
November, 1997 The family opens Beretta Butcher Shop & Slaughter House in Brussels, Ontario, garnering much success and local support.
Summer, 1996 Fernando the bull is born. Although his mother sadly dies while giving birth, Fernando brings new life to the barn, becoming Thomas’s playmate and the Beretta family pet.
Summer, 1998 The Monsoon Restaurant and JOV Bistro become the first eateries to carry and serve Beretta products.
October, 1999 The Beretta farm moves to King City, Ontario.
October, 1999 The palatial farm helps to support the growing business, as more and more consumers become aware of the benefits of eating organic.
Spring, 2000 The Beretta farm begins to supply local health food stores with their organically raised products.
2002 One of Beretta’s premier partners, Whole Foods Toronto opens its doors to great success.
2004 Big things get underway at Beretta. The family farm makes its first deliveries to Chipotle, Whole Foods Oakville and Longo’s, as well as introduces their natural beef programs – a process that allows Beretta to ‘pay it forward’ with special guidance from the Mennonite community.
2006 Specialty Loblaws locations now carry Beretta products on their shelves.
2012 Rebranded and revitalized, Beretta Family Farms now offers a brand essence that looks as good as it tastes.
2013 Beretta Family Farms celebrates 20 years of providing farm grown freshness to customers across Canada. Thank you for continuing to support our organic endeavors.


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